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When I discovered a leak in my ceiling, did I call a plumber?  No, I searched YouTube™ for a video on how to fix a leaking pipe, and then I fixed it myself.  When I want information on any topic, I search YouTube and can almost always find a video teaching me what I need.  How to fix a microwave, format a Word document, write an App for release on the App store, etc.  YouTube is an excellent source of information and learning for everyone.

So why spend money paying for off-the-shelf training courses and custom training solutions?  Well, the truth is YouTube videos are hit or miss.  Some videos are done very well and provide excellent instructions.  Some are horrible and provide terrible instructions.

If only there was a way to review, curate, and organize YouTube videos into training that you can use in your Learning Management System (LMS), thus allowing you to direct your learners to approved videos and track their learning progress.

Well, now there is!   

Introducing SCORMY


SCORMY is an app available for download from the Apple App Store for mobile and desktop.  The App is simple to use and allows anyone to create a SCORM-compliant course using a YouTube Share URL, or any resource on the internet that can be embedded into an IFRAME.  The course can be emailed directly to your LMS administrator from the mobile app, or shared to your local folder on the desktop version.

SCORMY is not a service with recurring fees.  It is an app that you own.  There is no limit to the number of courses you can create.

Get started with SCORMY today!

Get SCORMY for Windows from Microsoft Store
Get SCORMY for Mac from Apple Mac Store
Download on the Mac App Store
Get SCORMY for iPhone and iPad from Apple App Store
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Mark Tebault

Mark has more than 20 years of experience developing and implementing technology, creating learning programs, and developing and executing customer success strategies that create loyal customers and maximize revenue.


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