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Fast, Easy, Training

If you need an easy, inexpensive, and fast way to create training that can be tracked in your organization’s Learning Management System (LMS), then SCORMY is an App you’ll love.

  • No subscription is required
  • Create an unlimited number of courses
  • Extremely easy to use
  • Available in English, French, German, and Spanish
Get SCORMY for Windows from Microsoft Store
Get SCORMY for Mac from Apple Mac Store
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Get SCORMY for iPhone and iPad from Apple App Store
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If you have questions, please let us know.


Common Questions

Where can I access SCORMY?

SCORMY is available for Windows, iPhones, iPads, and MacOS.

  • The Windows version is available for download from the Microsoft App Store.
  • The Mac, iPhone, and iPad versions are available for download from the Apple App Store.
  • Currently, the Linux version and Android versions are on hold due to a lack of demand.  If you are interested in having SCORMY on these platforms, let us know.

Do SCORMY courses work with my Learning Management System?

SCORMY courses are single SCO SCORM 1.2 courses.  Most LMS systems support the SCORM 1.2 standard

How much of the YouTube video should I require?

It is very common for videos to fade to a black screen, or have a second or two of empty space at the end of the video.  Therefore, it is recommended you do not require 100% of the video.  Depending on the length of the video, 90 to 95% of the video should be sufficient to ensure the learner watched the video content.

What if the learner skips to the end of the video?

The course is divided into blocks.  Each block is recorded and used to calculate the total percentage watched.  If a learner skips to the end of the video, only the blocks watched are considered in the calculation for percent complete.  The middle button (circle with play icon) jumps to the first unwatched block.


How do I get the course from my iPhone or iPad?

SCORMY desktop (macOS and Windows) allows you to save the course package to your locale hard drive; however, file management on a mobile device is not intuitive.  Therefore, SCORMY allows you to email the course package directly from your mobile device. Some considerations:

  • The email may be mistaken for SPAM; therefore, it is important to check your SPAM or Junk email folder. 
  • If your email service blocks ZIP attachments, you must email the course to another email address, or use a desktop version of SCORMY.
  • You must have an email account set up on your mobile device.

How long can the video be?

SCORMY tracks videos on YouTube; therefore, the length of the video is whatever YouTube allows. 

What are some best practices for training videos?

If you are creating your own videos and not using a professional, then some best practices for creating training videos are below.

  • Create short and focused videos.  We recommend no longer than 10 minutes each if possible.
  • Tell the learner what they will learn in the video as an introduction. For example, "In this video, you will learn time management skills".
  • People have short attention spans. Don't waste time talking about unrelated topics.   For example, if you are creating a video on how to repair a broken radiator, don't spend 5 minutes talking about how your uncle Bob once owned a radiator shop and taught you everything he knew about radiators.
  • Be professional.  If you create training content to help others learn a skill or increase their knowledge, don't curse or use poor language.  If you are not professional, then people do not take you seriously and may not trust the quality of your training.
  • Don't assume.  For example, if you are creating a video on how to fix a machine at your plant, don't assume the learner knows how to turn the device off or disassemble it to get to the broken part.  Film the entire sequence of steps and explain key features as you go.
  • Have someone help you.  It is often hard to record yourself doing something.  If possible, have someone else record you.
  • Proper lighting.  When recording videos, try to ensure the lighting is correct; otherwise, the quality of the video may be poor and hard to view.

I get an error saying the content is unavailable or not allowed.

  • Some content cannot be embedded into an IFRAME.  This is outside the control of SCORMY and is dependent on the owner of the content.   
  • If you are using embedded content from OneDrive, or similar Cloud drives, you must make sure the learner has permission to view the content.  In many cases, the learner may need to authenticate themselves before they can view the content.

Why will a course not track?

SCORM requires the LMS and course to communicate with each other using an API.  The course may not track if the internet connection is lost at any point during the course session.  This is true of all SCORM courses and not unique to SCORMY.

Roadmap Items

Future versions of SCORMY may include:

1. The ability to add simple quiz questions to the course

2. Additional languages including Arabic

3. The ability to add simple checklists

What if I need an LMS or need training courses created for me?

Tebault Technology Group has expertise in Learning Management and Training Development.  Contact us and we can discuss ways we can help.


If you have questions or need more information, please email or visit the Support page