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Help for the SCORMY App


SCORMY is a simple app used to create SCORM 1.2 compliant training courses for use in a Learning Management System.  

Support Devices

Mobile Devices: (Requires access to email)

  • iPhone & iPad available from the Apple Store
  • Android devices available from Google’s Android Market (coming soon)

Desktop Devices:

  • macOS available from the Apple Store
  • Windows available from Windows Store  (coming soon)
  • Linux - Contact Us

How it works

1. Upload a video to YouTube, or select an existing video from the YouTube catalog.  Please see YouTube help for uploading videos.

2. Click the SHARE button associated with the video  


3. Copy the SHARE URL


4. Open SCORMY and create a new course


a. Enter a course title

b. Paste the SHARE URL (if you manually type the URL, enter it exactly including the case)

If you are using a mobile device, you can email the course package to your LMS administrator by clicking the Email button. 

If you are using a desktop device, you can save the course package to a locale folder.

8. Click the Done button when finished.


Common Issues

1. Your mobile device must have an email app set up and an account that can send emails.

2. The attachment is missing from the email.  Some organizations remove ZIP attachments as a security policy.  If this happens, you must send the email to another email address that does not remove ZIP attachments.

3. The SHARE URL is invalid.  You can only link to YouTube videos, not YouTube Shorts. if you manually type the URL, enter it exactly including the case.

4. The course does not show as complete.

a. The video may be longer than the LMS session timeout. 

b. The learner may have left the course window open longer than the LMS session timeout.

c. The learner must watch the designated percentage of the video without skipping ahead.